Unplanned events!

I have not been to busy with my Business these last few days….on Thursday, I had to take my sister Vickie to the ER, she was admitted and had to have a procedure done that she has had to have a few times before due to an error in the knife from her Gall Bladder surgery appr 10 years ago!  The so called DR she had back then cut her Bile Duct while removing her Gall Bladder and then DID NOT tell her…this has caused her life long effects and to get a Dr to testify against the original Dr. has been impossible so she has to continually have stints put in, she can go sometimes up to 3-4 years without, then she will have immediate pain rated at close to 10 and very nausueas!  I just don’t understand out Dr’s can get by with that!

Then we have the Olympics and I LOVE the summer ones, the Gymnastics are amazing, I so enjoyed watching the Fab 5 out there, when Jordyn Weiber lost to being in the All-Around just broke my heart, but I did LOVE watching Gabby Douglas take it, she is such a delight to watch!  I have also gotten into the swimming and also Beach Volleyball, which is on right now!  LOL so I am blogging and watching the USA-BRA womens game…..YES>>>>>USA is going to the Gold Medal Match!!!!

I am hoping to get some projects done and up here tomorrow!
Hope you all are having a great summer and that you get to getting “your stamp on” at some point!


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