My Office

Well the other day I asked my husband if he could make me some shelves for my office,  something to hold my clear mount stamp sets,  I made a couple drawings of what I was talking about, gave them to him and hoped he knew what I had drawn…..later that day, I went out to the barn in what is called the “IU” room (man cave with a dart board, pool table and  poker table, etc..) and HE had actually made me something, a little off from the drawings but very close and do-able… show without stamps and with, I had him make them narrow enough that they stuck out a little, which makes it easier to get in and out…..if anyone sees these and might be interested in anything please get a hold of me…I have  him making another one, it may come out exactly like this one or a little different, I was told “I would be surprised” so I am anxious.  you can see from the pics how the bigger one has sets in the middle, which is not where I want them so I need another one (haha)

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2 thoughts on “My Office

  1. Lesa

    Love the new shelves!

  2. susan

    Looks great! Nice and clean we love a clean stampin’ space.

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